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Coined "The Luminary Life Coach" by Refinery29.com

"We simply can't say enough amazing things about this intuitive's coaching practice, and neither can some of the uber-elite in Hollywood's artist and creative communities. From a family of 13 therapists, Jen's well-versed in traditional treatments, but her chosen unorthodox methods have inspired clients to capture the careers of their dreams, while also remaining poised in the present. On a personal note, this guru gal has helped many a friend say adios to their writer's block, and we've seen firsthand how her practice has taught them the tools to become their own inner-athletes. Carpe diem!"  -Brenna Egan, Editor of Refinery29





 National Association of Professional Women


 Voyage LA Magazine interview

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Voyage LA Magazine. If you're curious about my work and background, including my struggles with chronic illness and my circuitous route to coaching via the film and fashion industry. Click the article to learn more.


Riki Lindhome, Actress, Screenwriter, Singer-Songwriter, "Gilmore Girls", "Million Dollar Baby", "Garfunkel and Oats," "Another Period."

"Jen has a unique combination of clarity, intuition, compassion and intelligence. She has helped me to identify and let go of the things that prevent me from being as creative and productive as I want to be. Working with her has changed my creative process and my life."

Katherine Woodward Thomas, Bestselling Author,  "Calling in The One" & "Conscious Uncoupling." 

"I have known Jen for over a decade now and I can wholeheartedly say that she is one of the most kind-hearted, inspired and wildly creative women I know. Having grown up in a household of therapists, Jen began her training as a life coach while still in the womb, and her wisdom and depth leaves people twice her age in the dust. She is crazy intuitive, delightful to be with, and an endlessly optimistic midwife for the possibilities and potentials of her clients. When I myself need counsel, she is one of the first people I call and one of the last people I speak with before making a decision. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Bruce Cameron, Executive Coach and co-host of "The Concierge Coaches Show" on LA Talk Radio

"Jen is an excellent coach. Her ability to bring the best out of clients is amazing! She is one the best in our field!"


Click below to listen to Jen's interview on as she talks with Bruce Cameron and Cindy DiFerdinand all about her unique methods and how she got started as a coach and consultant.  

Gitty Daneshvari, Bestselling Author, "School of Fear," "Goulfriends" & "League of Unexceptional Children" book series.

"Jen Kleiner’s approach to coaching is extremely effective and unique. After years of studying many different movements she has honed the ability to simultaneously inspire creativity while calming anxiety. As a highly neurotic writer, I cannot overstate how helpful this has been in my life both professionally and personally."


Alison Rosen, Popular Podcaster & Radio Personality, "Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend"

Jen has an uncanny ability to see through the chaos you present to her (or what feels like chaos) and help you identify and chart a course toward achieving what you really want. She's kind, compassionate, empathetic and a great listener as well as wise and feisty. Jen helped me get past some of the ways in which I was standing in my own way and she also helped me to move through grief and fear. And talking to her always makes me feel better and more in touch with my true self.