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Join me July 15th & 16th in Los Angeles on the campus of American Film Institute for Character Mapping: Myths About Madness.  Learn how to "think like a therapist" and flesh out the primary domains of a character's life with understanding and compassion.

We'll be including current findings from neuroscience, new perspectives on common health diagnoses, and the underpinnings of trauma.

This course will transform your creative practice as well as your life. You'll receive essential tools from modern psychology, mindfulness, and systems theory for your characters, your craft and your self. 

July 15th & 16th

American Film Institute 
2021 North Western Avenue
Library Bldg Room 102




              Watch this 50 sec video to learn about Character Mapping: Myths About Madness

This weekend workshop is stand alone but also part of a larger, ongoing mastery course called Character Mapping. Read below for more info and dates.




June 3rd & 4th from 10am-6pm in Los Angeles on the campus of American Film Institute to learn all about Integral Theory, Johari's Window and an introduction to The System of Selves


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