Jen Kleiner is such a bad ass, servant, healer, teacher and wonderful friend! If you need support, insight, healing and inspiration then she’s your gal!
— Allison Ballmer, International Business Leader at Roche Diagnostics, IFS Coach
Jen Kleiner is a truly powerful, wise, fiercely transformative & disarmingly intuitive counselor & life coach. If any of you have anything you need assistance processing, reframing or up-leveling, I cannot recommend a more worthy ally & guide for your journey. She is truly a gift to the community & I strongly urge anyone & everyone to see what this woman can do with you in one hour of your time. I say this only because of my own personal experience with her & the desire to share her magic with you as well.
— Ariel Indigo, Recording Artist
You didn’t just help me, you changed my life and you are possibly the only reason I kept going. You were not just a therapist or someone who listened to my problems, you acted like a friend who really cared. As someone that barely had a support system, you provided more support in an hour session than I could have ever gotten from the people in my life. You have such a gift with people and I honestly cannot understand why more therapists or life coaches do not take this approach. Honestly, you have inspired me to study psychology and help people out in the same way you have helped me. How do I thank you to the degree that you changed my life?
— Sarah Hicks, Dietician, Lifestyle Blogger
I hired Jen Kleiner as a director and consultant on tandem projects and could not be more pleased with the results. She is a phenomenal collaborator, providing invaluable support and insight beyond what’s expected. I can not recommend her more highly.
— Victor Kearney, Executive Producer, Kingston Productions & AOK Media. Malibu, CA.
In a short period of time, I have made life-changing strides because of my work with Jen. Her insights gave me the clarity and courage to allow for major shifts in my professional life. Jen’s ability to hone in on the crux of the matter and break it down in a way that leaves you empowered instead of paralyzed is unparalleled. As an intuitive and a healer, Jen is in a league of her own.
— K. Lambden, Actor/Writer/Producer. NYC.
I had heard of Jen’s coaching and especially the visualization exercises and the magnificent results they had on some people’s lives in a very short amount of time, and I was hoping to have some drastic changes in my life, too, when I went in. Two weeks after my first session I booked an amazing job in my field that paid twice as much as any of my previous ones! I can’t wait to go back and see what happens after our next session. Jen you’re amazing!
— M.N., Filmmaker. Helsinki, Finland.
Jen is an absolute joy to work with! Through her gentle guidance, visualization techniques, and her totally unique way of seeing things, she was able to change my perception and then everything fell into place. She is intelligent, funny, and patient and is 100% committed to your success. Working with Jen has given me the confidence I needed to get the job of my dreams…which happens to be in another country! She constantly keeps you focused and moving forward and encourages you to dream big. Jen is a great source of inspiration and support. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Emily A., Branding & PR Specialist. Stockholm, Sweden.
After not working for over a year, I was on the brink of giving up my career. Working with Jen changed everything almost instantaneously. A shift in my perspective and a new energy brought back confidence, self belief, and a feeling of power I’d never experienced before. More importantly, I learned how to reach my goals, and several career changing opportunities followed. Jen is a wonderfully kind and lovely person to spend time with and she is exceptionally gifted in this area of coaching. I couldn’t be more grateful.
— Celebrity Film & Television Actress. N.Y.C.
When you meet Jen Kleiner, you wish she were your best and only friend. She shows you how to move through your personal challenges and feed your inner dreamer. It’s then you realize her gifts and training as an impartial enthusiast and guide are far more sophisticated than the counsel of a friend. She gave me the tools to actualize my scariest desires, the ones I thought were too grand and undeserved. I am forever grateful.
— Christina Warren, Blogger. www.HappyOrElse.com.
Working with Jen on emotional and mental blocks in my life was a transformative experience that brought me closer to my creative and career goals. She is a natural intuitive and a deeply gifted healer. Our sessions together have been some of the most eye opening, life changing exchanges I’ve ever experienced.
— Dano Cerny, Writer/Director, Hyperballad Productions. Los Angeles, CA.
Working with Jen is an experience unlike any other I can describe. Through her insight and guidance I have gained a new level of self-confidence and acceptance. My current successes, both personal and professional, are in no small measure due to her wisdom and kindness.
— TV Writer/Producer. Hollywood, CA.
Jen is living proof of all that she teaches. Her many talents and great qualities seem to spill into one another effortlessly, giving her the perfect combination to gracefully and compassionately assist in awakening others to more knowing and a realized life experience. She has personally helped me give myself permission to dream big and truly see myself for who I am, pure love. Every opportunity I get to see Jen has lent to a significant shift in applying optimism toward myself and those around me. She is the brightest light and literally turns your energy on from the inside out. Her intuitive nature creates the best listener I’ve ever met in my life. Jen’s intelligence, humor, effortless style and soulfulness are enough to cause anyone to strive for a better existence. I feel blessed to know her!
— Celebrity Fashion Stylist. Los Angeles, CA.
I came to Jen a year out of college, frustrated with the lack of clarity in my life. Within a month of working with her I applied and was accepted to a Masters Program in Creative Writing in the English countryside — something so fitting it’s almost fantastical. More than anything, Jen taught me to trust myself and my creative source. She saw me in such a clear and almost heroic light that I was able to zero in on where I wanted to be and know, from a deep place, that I would arrive. It was like she came into my field of murky nothingness, showed me how to use the compass in my pocket, and hugged me goodbye when I was ready to go. Jen is sharp, compassionate, intuitive, and selfless. Her investment is in my development along the lines of my truth in terms that feel good and loving to me. She’s an amazing woman. I am lucky to know her.
— Carlyn A., Writer. Bath, England.
When I speak with Jen I feel that she truly cares and listens to everything I say. It really makes a big difference knowing that someone is focusing all their attention and INTENTION on making you feel special.
— Real Estate Developer. Beverly Hills, CA.